Are you tired of crowded space in your bedroom?

No more tossing your beautiful pillows on the floor every night! Simply place your decorative pillows in our Pillow Haven bag and forget about them until the next morning. No more tripping over them at night!

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    Pillow Haven is exactly what you need to protect your sequin rich, silky pillows from your 4 legged friends. Simply tuck them in your Pillow Haven bag and hang or place them out of your pet's reach.

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    Are you looking for that perfect wedding gift? One that looks pretty but is also useful? Newlyweds love Pillow Haven! Check our Wedding Collection for beautiful personalized decorative pillows for bed or floor ideas to complement your Pillow Haven wedding or bridal shower gift.

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    Is your child's bedroom floor covered with a zillion stuffed animals every night? Pillow Haven will make clean-up "Easy Peasy". Plus, our see-through fabric helps you locate your child's favorite friend at bedtime with big pillows for bed or in the middle of the night when they need it most.

Treat your Overnight Guests Like Royalty

Your guests will appreciate a convenient and attractive way to store the beautiful decorative overnight pillows in your guest room.

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Each Pillow Haven purchase includes a beautifully customized organza tie bag with all purchases including our E gift card ready-for-gifting.

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A Message from the Founder

Hello:  I’m Judy Jacobson, the founder of Pillow Haven. Please give me a minute of your time to learn about "The World’s Best Solution" for storing decorative pillows and other precious items. When I moved into a townhouse with the master bedroom on the first floor, I soon discovered there was no place to store my decorative pillows at night. The bedroom was small and the only place I could stack or toss them was on the floor. Some of my pillows are silk and somewhat expensive. I searched online for a solution but couldn't find anything that worked. I couldn’t believe that no one had invented something that everyone needs! Out of desperation, I purchased a large black trash bag to put them in at night, but I couldn’t bear to look at it. So I went to a fabric store, taught myself to sew and made a beautiful solution to my problem. As a bonus, I designed it with the option to hang from the door so it didn't use any of my precious floor space. So instead of throwing your pillows on the floor, Pillow Haven gives you a practical and effortless way to store your decorative pillows at night.  Pillow Haven is also perfect for storing your child's stuffed toys every night. Using Pillow Haven will keep their rooms neat and their stuffed toys organized, clean and easily accessible. I designed it with see-through fabric to 1) Allow the colors of your pillows to show through and look beautiful 2) Make it easy to find your child's "special friend" at bedtime every night. Pillow Haven is also great to quickly gather up and store your expensive sofa pillows when friends come to visit.

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