Organize your life with Pillow Haven

No more tossing your beautiful accent pillows on the floor every night! With our Pillow Haven bag, you can simply hang your decorative pillow covers and forget about them. No more tripping over them or having your pets shed or slobber over them every night!

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    Place your Pillow Haven bag on the floor or chair or hang it from your door or doorknob. Pillow Haven is the perfect solution for organizing your master bedroom, your children's rooms and your guest rooms with decorative pillow storage.


    Pillow Haven is exactly what you need to protect your sequin rich, silky pillows from your 4 legged friends. Simply tuck them in your Pillow Haven bag and hang or place them out of your pet's reach.


    Are you looking for that perfect wedding gift? One that looks pretty but is also useful? Newlyweds love Pillow Haven! Check our Wedding Collection for beautiful personalized decorative pillows for bed or floor ideas to complement your Pillow Haven wedding or bridal shower gift.


    Is your child's bedroom floor covered with a zillion stuffed animals every night? Pillow Haven will make clean-up "Easy Peasy". Plus, our see-through fabric helps you locate your child's favorite friend at bedtime with big pillows for bed or in the middle of the night when they need it most.

Treat your Overnight Guests Like Royalty

Your guests will appreciate a convenient and attractive way to store the beautiful overnight pillows in your guest room.

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Each Pillow Haven purchase includes a beautifully customized organza tie bag as E gift card ready-for-gifting.

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Pillow Haven Q&A

Pillow Haven

Pillow Haven bags are muti-purpose storage bags for bedroom and living room decorative pillows and other cherished items. It is convenient for storing soft toys and stuffed animals in your child's bedroom. PIllow Haven is also great for making room on your sofa when friends and family come to visiit.

They save floor space with our option of hanging with our over-the-door hooks. They are designed to maintain hygiene and comfort by keeping your belongings clean, off the floor, and organized.
Cleaning and maintenance of Pillow Haven is very easy. Simply wash your PIllow Haven (including the beautifully designed ribbon) in cold water and hang to dry. With its innovative design and multi-size capacity, Pillow Haven is the smartest choice for people looking for comfort and space in all spaces.

What is the Pillow Haven, and how does it work?

Pillow Haven bags are beautifully designed, muti-purpose storage bags for storing decorative pillows and other items you cherish and want to keep neat, clean, accessible and organized.

Is the Pillow Haven easy to use?

Pillow Haven bags are designed to help you keep your decorative pillows clean, neat, organized and accessible. It is washable. easy to use and will remain beautiful for many years to come.

Can the Pillow Haven be used in different types of rooms?

Pillow Haven bags can be used in bedrooms and any other room that has cherished items you want to keep neat, clean, accessible and organized.

How do I clean and maintain the Pillow Haven?

Pillow Haven bags are washable in cold water. When hung to dry, it will dry quickly and look beautiful for many years to come.

Can the Pillow Haven help me save space in my bedroom?

Pillow Haven bags are designed with the option of hanging with our over-the-door hook thereby saving the need for any floor space when using it.