Pillow Haven is great in small spaces. It requires zero floor space when you hang it with our over-the-door hook, saving space and keeping your bedroom neat and clean.

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Pillow Haven Comes in Two Sizes

The Large Size holds around 6-8 pillows and measures 32" wide x 44" long. The Medium Size holds around 4-6 pillows and measures 22"wide x 34" long.

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Wedding collection ideas

Your wedding party will treasure their Pillow Haven gift from you to show your appreciation for their participation. And you can add a personalized pillow cover to commemorate your wedding day forever. Pillow Haven also makes a great add-on gift for a newlywed couple so be sure to add us to your registry!

Pillow Haven Loves your Kids and your Pets


Organize all those adorable stuffed animals for a smooth goodnight with your toddler. With our durable see-through fabric, you can easily locate where their "Favorite Friend" is hiding!



Help keep "Peanut" out of trouble! Protect your expensive pillows from drool, shedding and pet-play destruction with Pillow Haven.



keep your pillows smelling great

Our special blend English Lavender sachet will enhance elegance and aroma of your pillows. Lavender is a great relaxant used for insomnia, anxiety and depression relief.


With our hanger there is no damage to your door and no assembly required! Our over-the-door hook is compatible with any standard door with weight capacity up to 15lbs. The hanger measures 3.9"×2 inches.


Let your family and friends know they're special. They'll love using a Pillow Haven instead of tossing epensive pillows on the floor. They will surely ask "where did you purchase this great idea?"


Each Pillow Haven purchase includes a beautiful customized organza tie bag ready-for-gifting.



I just wanted to tell you how beautifully my Pillow Haven washed out after my dog, Bohdi, had an accident and peed on it last night. I had my pillows stored in the bag and he decided to "mark" his territory during the night. I washed it in the washing machine the next morning, hung it to dry and it came out beautifully! You would never know anything happened to it. Even the gold lettering on the ribbon looks perfect. Thank you for making your product practial, beautiful and ready for anything, accidents included! Missy J, Santa Fe, NM

Missy M.
Santa Fe NM

My decorator selected some very expensive and beautiful pillows for our master bedroom. I have tried to keep my dogs from ruining them. They always seem to sleep on them because we toss them on the floor at night. After I purchased my first Pillow Haven, I was thrilled to have an option. Now I can keep them organized and off the floor, ready to use the next day and away from my dogs at night. I guess they will just have to sleep on the floor without the luxury of my $200 decorative pillows for their heads!

Jane P.
Weston, CT

Thank you so much for my pillow haven bag. I love it! The fabric is beautiful( I love love textiles, weaving. Fiber art , I knit, sew etc)The ribbon tie, everything is elegant ! I needed the large bag because my decorative pillows are king size pillows in cases matching the duvet cover. As you promised, even though I don’t put the pillows on my bed every day, they look much nicer stored in their lovely sac. Thank you so much and good luck
In your new enterprise!

Ricki F,
New Hope, PA

Pillow Haven has been perfect for us! We use it every night to keep out pillows off the floor and out of dog hair territory. Totally saved us from need to clear our decorative pillows constantly to keep them neat, clean and away from Peanut's shedding and slobber.

Suzanne F.
Brooklyn, NY

I love my Pillow Haven - it is so nice falling to sleep in an organized room instead of a messy one! Highly recommend!

Lauren D.
Philadelphia, PA

I'm a big fan of my Pillow Haven! I use it every night to keep my pillows organized and sometimes I just toss the bag right on the bed because it looks so nice I don't even have to arrange my pillows.

Kristen J
Los Angeles, CA

Every night, I face a mountain of stuffed animals in Lola's bedroom. We have a good sized basket for some of them but her favorites are always easy to find in our Pillow Haven. I love hanging it from her bedroom door at night and it's so easy to add her latest favorites into Pillow Haven at the end of the night. Sometimes she asks for a new friend to sleep with and it's really easy to retrieve when it's right in front of your eyes!

Sharon O.
Lake George, NY