All You Need To Know About Decorative Pillow Covers

All You Need To Know About Decorative Pillow Covers

Decorative pillow covers help you instantly, efficiently, and affordably switch the look of your space. These decorative cushions will transform the look of your room and bed. You can choose from simple straight-line cushions to modern ones.

All you need to know about decorative pillow covers is how much they are comfortable and give your body full support. You consider many things while choosing the best bed for quality sleep.

Pillow Haven cares for your preferences and gives you attractive pillows that beautify your room. These decorative accessories brighten your space and refresh with their colorful and decorative appearance. 

How to Make Pillow Covers?

If you are curious about decorating your pillows and need to learn how to do this task, we are in the queue to serve you with our best services.

  • We choose the best patterns and color combinations to decorate your living space.
  • If you want to share your suggestions regarding the pillows, we mold our creativity that matches your mindset. 
  • Our decorative pillow cover sizes range from mini to standard, come in various shapes, and will not disturb your sleeping pattern. 
  • We put efforts into redecorating the pillows that you can use for your events rather than for use in your house.
  • These pillows are best for your bed or sofa or placed on your floor.
  • Use velvet stuff and add some material to make soft decorative pillows. 

What Are the Different Types of Decorative Pillows?

The decorative pillows come in various types that perfectly match your needs. You can choose from the list of buffers according to your desire. 

1- Inexpensive decorative pillows 

  • Suitable for those having low budget 
  • Available in different colors 
  • It comes in hand-painted and embroidered designs
  • Made from high-quality material 
  • These pillows, besides being inexpensive, have good stability for longer run 

2- Floor pillows

  • These pillows are best suited when you are looking to arrange floor seating. 
  • These decorative pillows help you change the room's ambiance and make it more fantastic. 
  • The floor pillows have a variety of shapes and sizes, and this variation adds dramatic flair to your room. 
  • The customized pillows have quality material and withstand various spills. 
  • We make these pillows with high-density foam that will stand wear and tear. 
  • They are durable with an all-time fresh appearance 

Bed pillows

  • You can use our quality decorative pillows on the bed to enhance its appearance. 
  • We choose the color scheme that will match your bed 
  • Our bed pillows beautify your bedroom appearance and enlighten the viewers 
  • We use soft and quality foam to make these pillows 
  • The best thing about the pillows is their durability 

What Are the Different Types of Closures?

After making and filling these decorative pillow storage, we approach their closure pattern. We use many ways to close the opening of these pillows. 

1- Envelop

  • You can use the envelope pattern to pack your pillow
  • In this casing, you have to insert the pillow from its backside
  • The pillow is then tucked between two overlapping pieces of fabrics

2- Decorative pillowcase covers with zipper

  • It is one of the best and easy patterns for closing your pillow. 
  • If your pillow cover requires frequent cleaning, it is the best way to cover it.
  • You can open the zip, remove the b pillows and put the cover on the pillow after cleaning again. 
  • These keep your task accessible and ongoing without any hassle. 

3- Buttons

  • Are you looking for another closure type? Closing your pillow covers with buttons is another way to pack your pillow. 
  • It will prevent your pillow from getting dusted and will not damage the cushion. 
  • You can use this closure style on pillows made from different fabrics.
  • We use fancy buttons to enhance the beauty of these decorative pillows. 

How to Clean the Throw Pillows Professionally? 

Many of you want easy-to-clean and reusable pillow covers to keep your pillow covers neat and clean.

But with a lack of experience and knowledge, you may rupture the quality of the covers, and they may fade off instantly after a single wash.

We have collaborated on 5 professional tips for cleaning throw pillows to assist you in getting clean pillow covers that will stay on their appearance for a while. 

1- Read for instructions on the label carefully

  • Every pillow has its washing method, which is mentioned in the packaging. 
  • To prevent such losses, you need to read the instructions on the label of the pillows given by the manufacturers. 
  • Clean the cotton and synthetic fiber pillows with water. 
  • Dry cleaning is the best for those pillows made from velvet and silk 
  • If there is no instruction given on the label, you can gently clean the pillow by yourself

2- Test before continuing

  • Testing the cleaning method on a specific pillow portion is highly recommended. 
  • Use a damped towel and rub it on one part of the pillow 
  • It will help ensure the cover does not transfer the color
  • The method allows you in preventing from accidentally damaging the pillows

3- Handwash the pillow

  • After determining the criteria of your pillow, you have to wash your pillow gently. 
  • The best way is hand cleaning. 
  • Please choose a suitable cleaning solution and gently clean the cover to protect its appearance. 

4- Use mild detergent for laundering wash

  • If you have decided to wash the pillows in the machine, you must choose a mild cleaning detergent.
  • Pre-spraying the pillow cover with color-safe spray for deep cleaning is advisable. 
  • If the material is sensitive, use the delicate mesh bag and cycle for the washing procedure

5- Air or tumble dry

  • After washing, it is essential to dry the decorative pillow covers in the air by hanging them to maintain their shape. 


If you think where to buy the best decorative pillow covers, Pillow Haven is the best place to find your desired home decoration accessory. We make these durable pillows with quality material that will not fade off quickly. We also give you the best tips for cleaning these decorative pillows to maintain their appearance. 

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