Decorative Pillows for Bed

Tips For Decorating With Throw Pillows In Your Bedroom

One of our go-to decor hacks is to add a few throw cushions to a room. You can find something that complements your existing sense of style among the vast array of available hues, patterns, fabrics, and cuts. Here are top considerations for decorative pillows for bed, whether you want to add depth and style to your bed or a touch of curated comfort to your living room sofa and accent chairs.

How to Arrange Pillows On a Bed

Not in the mood to stuff your bed with pillows? Sure, no sweat. This decor decision is understated and sophisticated, especially when paired with the Cecilia Bed by Interior Define. Furthermore, it is easy to accomplish (even with sleepy eyes).

Pick Out Your Pillows First

It is important to know the standard sizes for decorating with throw pillows before you start piling them on your bed, couch, or chair. The average size of a throw pillow is between 22 and 24 inches. You can rest your lower back on a long, rectangular pillow called a lumbar pillow. It is common practice to position a lumbar cushion alone at the head of a bed. A floor cushion is often large, square, and flat. Pillows for the floor can serve as a decorative accent and a makeshift seat. Typically, a 26" x 26" Euro pillow supports smaller pillows on a bed or to adorn the outer corners of a sofa.

Pick an Indicative Hue

Throw cushion decorating is simplified when you begin with an anchor color. This is a shade you've already got going on in the room that you want to emphasize or expand upon. If your sofa has a bold color like blue, green, or orange, try to locate throw pillow prints that complement rather than compete with them. Pillows in subdued tones offer dimension to a neutral space like this beige living room without drawing too much attention away from the primary colors. We adore how the sage, sand, and mild mustard throw pillows brighten the space while harmonizing with the sofa and accent chairs.

Experiment with Different Prints

Prints and patterns can be easily incorporated into a room through big decorative pillows for bed. Play around with various patterns and textures to bring your aesthetic to life. When expanding on a rustic or country vibe, Southwestern elements work wonderfully. Throws made of Ikat fabric are perfect for contemporary interiors. To spruce up a classic space, add some plaid pillows. You can also go all out with one design, like stripes, and play about with scale across the space. Look at the ceiling for some ideas, and you'll see stripes of all widths and colors.

Different Sized Pillows

Pillows should be of diverse sizes since doing so provides an organic look and draws the eye. Pile extra-large cushions on the sofa's ends for extra comfort and a dramatic focal point. Pillows should be smaller on the inside of the bed. Place a tiny throw pillow amid the big ones and a couple of medium ones on either side. If your sectional sofa has multiple pillow stacks, leave some breathing room between each pile.

You Should Take Care of Your Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are another fantastic spot to add pillow decorations for decor and comfort, even if they don't require a cluster of pillows gathered together. Choose a print to contrast with the couch: Accent chair cushions are a great place to add a splash of color and pattern if your sofa is mostly neutral or basic. If your sofa already has a few bold pillows, you may use accent chairs to display softer hues that coordinate with the room's design scheme.

Make use of Pillowcases

Don't go out and buy a new set of large decorative pillows for bed whenever you feel like redecorating. Remember to get pillowcases that fit your pillows. Covers are easily interchangeable if you feel like a change in aesthetic. Every season brings a new opportunity to adapt our aesthetic to the prevailing spirit and climate. Cover your pillows with cotton, polyester, or linen during the summer and spring to avoid being too hot. When the weather gets colder, choose darker colors and warmer fabrics like velvet, jute, boucle, and leather.

Modify Texture

Not only do contrasting patterns and textures work well together, but they often look fantastic when combined. Combining several textures in one cushion is one of our favorite ways to add visual interest. Throw in faux fur for texture against plain linen pillows, or mix and match tassel pillows with chunky knit ones. Pillows with a fluffy or raised pattern go well with smooth or flat ones.

Patio Furniture and Accessories

Outdoor patio furniture can be made cozier with the addition of throw pillows. Throw pillows manufactured from weather-proof material, like sunbrella, are UV- and fade-resistant and guard against water and mildew damage, so you won't have to worry about remembering to bring them inside anytime there's inclement weather. You can also use synthetic throw pillows outside without worrying about damage from the sun.

Bedding with Extra Pillows

Pile on the large decorative pillows for bed on your bed for a chic, eye-catching look. Pillows of varying sizes, shapes, and colors piled high against the headboard provide a striking visual effect. You can make your unique pillow arrangement by selecting two or three decorative Euro pillows, two regular pillows, and a lumbar cushion to go around your practical pillows. Make a lower arrangement that can stand independently if you don't have a headboard. Simpler arrangements that don't overwhelm open-frame headboards tend to look best.

Use Odd Numbers

Throw pillows should always be arranged in odd numbers. Instead of being excessively symmetrical and dull, odd numbers offer balance and visual appeal. The standard placement for pillows on a sofa or bed is three, although larger furniture can accommodate as many as seven.

Change the Dimensions and Forms

Using decorative pillows for bed of varying sizes can give a room more visual interest. Throw a few pillow forms and sizes for a layered, eye-catching design. Pile several large square pillows in the back and a few small rectangular or lumbar pillows in the front to create a comfortable sleeping position. You may also use a variety of sizes of cushions to create a unique design. It's also possible to create a lot of visual interest by combining round and rectangular cushions.

Dare to be Different

Don't be scared to use bright colors when accessorizing with throw cushions. A vibrant or patterned pillow is a great way to inject life and character into a room with a neutral sofa or bed. A more subdued style can be achieved using a smaller-scale design or a single accent color.

Think About the Practicality

While decorative throw pillows serve an aesthetic purpose primarily, their practicality cannot be overlooked. Choose fluffy pillows if you want to use them for relaxing or napping. Pillows with a firmer fill are a better option for ornamental pillows, as are removable and washable pillow covers.

To Sum Up

Decorative pillows for bed may add color, pattern, and texture to your home without breaking the bank. In addition to making a space feel more inviting, they can help pull the room's design together. Using these guidelines as a guide, you may comfortably play around with different arrangements of decorative pillows to turn any room into a cozy and chic retreat. Let your imagination run wild, and enjoy yourself. Visit our showroom to see some examples of throw pillow combinations and to get advice from our design specialists.

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