The Pillow Haven Story

A Message From The Founder

I moved into a townhouse about two years ago and the master bedroom was located on the first floor. I've always liked decorating my bedroom with beautiful pillows.  And now that the master bedroom was on the first floor, it was even more important for the bedroom to look beautiful all the time!

After moving in, I soon discovered that there was no place to store my pillows at night. The bedroom was small and the only thing I could do was stack them or toss them was the floor. Some of my pillows were silk and somewhat expensive. I searched online for a solution but couldn't find anything.  I couldn’t believe no one had invented something that everyone needs! Out of desperation, I bought a large contractor trash bag to put them in at night. I couldn’t bear to look at it! So, I went to a fabric store, taught myself how to sew and made a beautiful solution for my decorative pillow storage.

As a bonus, my idea did not use any of my precious floor space because I designed it to hang from the bedroom door.  So, now, instead of throwing  pillows on the floor, Pillow Haven™ and Sham Shack™ (new product in the pipeline) will give you a practical and effortless way to store your decorative pillows at night.  You can even use Pillow Haven™ for your sofa pillows when your family and friends come to visit!     

Judy Jacobson   
Contact us:  215 307 5885