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Slobber Free Pillows

Pillow Haven comes in two sizes so you will have the exact fit!  The Large size will fit approximately 8 decorative pillow and measures 32"L x 44"W. The Medium size will fit approximately 6 pillows and measures 22"W x 34"L.

Buy both sizes so you will have a Pillow Haven to fit every room, master bedroom, and guest room!


Customer Reviews

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Jody G

We have two big dogs and they love to slobber on my nice pillows at night when they sleep on them. Between the dog hair and the slobber, it's a wonder I even try to keep nice pillows in my house! Pillow Haven is the perfect answer for anyone who loves pillows and has pets in their house. Every night, I place the pillows in my bag and hang it from my bedroom door. The dogs can't get near my pillows now and I get to enjoy them again. Now, if I could only keep the dogs off my bed!

David B

I'm not a big fan of decorative pillows but my wife loves them. Some of them are pretty expensive. I hate tossing them on the floor at night but I don't know what else to do with them. Pillow Haven is a pretty neat idea. It takes a few extra minutes to put them in the bag but it's a lot better than throwing them on the floor. Thank you, Pillow Haven. My wife has one less thing to get mad at me about now that we have you!

Lawrence B

I'm a big fan of my Pillow Haven! I use it every night to keep my decorative pillows all together and sometimes I just toss the bag right back on the bed the next morning. It looks great!

Megan F. Philadelphia, PA

I love my Pillow Haven - it's so nice falling asleep AND waking up to an organized bedroom instead of a nasty one! Highly recommend it!!

Suzanne and Marvin F

Pillow Haven has been perfect for us! We use it every night to keep our pillows off the floor and out of dog hair territory. Totally helps us keep our bedroom a happier space morning and night!

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